Terrible At Schedules

I’m terrible at keeping schedules. I’m notorious for jumping from thing to thing. Yes, I always get what is necessary done (and on time when needed), but otherwise… terrible.

Since moving to the DC metro area, I haven’t been keeping myself on a schedule. To start with, that was OK – I kept telling myself I was allowed a little break from the crazy hectic work weeks I’d been slave to. I was in charge of unpacking and getting our apartment settled – my boyfriend was the one who got the new job and moved us down here, his long hours at the office started immediately, and I took on the house role. That’s fine with me, I love unpacking and putting on the personal touches around the apartment, making it our home versus a few rooms with boxes. But…. we moved down here at the end of June, and I still haven’t fallen into a schedule.

I jump around from thing to thing and tell myself that I will do this to spend my time, and I’ll start teaching myself that to amp up my work skills. Yet… I start and then get distracted. Some may call this ADD. I’m calling it fear and 100% calling myself out on it. I have a fear of committing to things (other than my relationship, apparently), I’m so afraid that I will put the effort into it and then fail, or put the effort in and find out it’s not as fantastic as, or I don’t have passion I expected. Basically, I’m coping out because I can’t foresee the future – to which I have to say well, duh Lindsay.

So, by calling myself out about it, I’m forcing myself to make a change. Get myself on a schedule, stop being so afraid. I tell myself “oh, I won’t be able to run this marathon, my back hurts” out of fear that yes, my previous injury may come back – but it may not. I tell myself “I won’t take the courses to get into coding, I’ll never be able to make a career out of it” – says who? I discovered I find coding/programming fascinating and while I only know the supreme basics, why can’t I learn more to see where it goes? If it doesn’t work out – what a great skill to add to my resume!

So, the moral of this blog post is to stop being afraid. Go out and do whatever you want (obviously with common sense, please!). Without the risk, you lose the reward of being truly happy.

I’ll send y’all off with a photo of the fantastic oysters I had last night at Hank’s Oyster Bar in Alexandria, VA – I went for a drink with a friend who was visiting from out of town, and we had a little pre-dinner snack with these bad boys. (I. Love. Oysters).


How do you push aside your fears?

What do you do to set yourself a schedule?


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