Training Begins & Forgetfulness

First off, this is my first time posting from my phone – my forgetfulness got the best of me yesterday and I apparently forgot my laptop charger in Virginia :(. I don’t know how I managed to pack my computer but forget the cord – it was plugged in before I packed up! Womp Womp. 

I hopped on an Amtrak train yesterday and headed back to NYC for a couple of weeks. The BF and I half moved out of our apartment here, but had the place until the end of July – which was a HUGE help to not feel like we had to totally empty & clean & move everything at once. The BF will make his way up next weekend so we can empty out the place and head to Virginia for good. It still doesn’t seem real to me that I’m not going to be a New Yorker anymore! 

Despite the still ongoing craziness of moving – marathon training has begun!!! I’m running the NYC Marathon this fall (November 1st!) and I’m determined to train seriously. I was supposed to run the marathon last year, and admittedly took a lot of liberties with my training. That paired with an unfortunate bike accident (I was running in Central Park and a child tourist chose to ride his bike in the runners lane…and hit me full on from behind. Never saw him coming) put me on the injured list for last year. After the bike collision my back has still never been the same, but I’ve taken a lot of time to focus on strength and stretching to prepare for the race this year. So, a 16-week training plan commences. 

Yesterday I started off with a 5k run on the treadmill at an average 8:30 pace. Nice and easy to begin, but feeling solid. I’ve set Tuesday’s as my cross-training days, so I hit up a FlyWheel class (first time!). FlyWheel uses a TV where your effort is measured and ranked among the others in the class. It’s definitely a good idea to push others, and if you have a competitive mentality, it’s right up your alley. The nice part is that you don’t have to register your effort on the rankings if you don’t want to, so you don’t have to feel pressured to compete with all the crazy regulars. I signed up late and didn’t make it onto the boards this morning. But I could measure my power effort along with what was on the board to get an idea. Overall, it was a great spin workout, and I really feel like I got in a good sweat and a great effort.

Plus – FlyWheel offers free water! And free spin shoes for each class – they, like a lot of other spin boutique studios, require spin shoes for their bikes, but they don’t charge you for rentals if you don’t own. Bonus! The studio itself was pretty cramped, and probably could have used a bit of better air circulation, but I’ll definitely be back – it had a great energy! 

I’m doubling up today and heading to a yoga class this afternoon. I’m one of the least flexible people I know l, so I’m counting on yoga to help stretch me properly through all of this training! 

Tell Me! 

What are your training must-dos?

Are you training for anything right now? What?


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