Makin’ Moves

New surroundings are a cause for new experiences – so here I am with a first blog post!

Having just moved from New York City to northern Virigina (literally just last week), everything seems new – new town, new apartment, new faces, new pace of life. In the midst of all this new, I find myself slightly freaking out (ok, maybe more than slightly). As exciting as new is, it’s also scary. What will I do here? Who will I hang out with? How many times am I going to get lost on a run?! (Thank goodness for Google Maps…).

With all of this… new, I’m trying to avoid the anxiety creeping up on me. How? Deep breaths – those aren’t new. Unpacking to make the new place cozy and welcoming – those photos on the wall? Familiar faces. Running, because while I may get a little lost, it’s still the one thing where you just do you – nothing to worry about on a run (other than this crazy humidity and the pool of sweat I create). Cookies. Cookies make everything better.

Moving day with the BF!
Moving day with the boy! That truck was not fun to pack.

With all of that, there’s balance. I can’t spend all of my time running, nor can I spend all of my time unpacking. I probably could spend all my time eating cookies, but that’s not such a good plan. The balance of all the new makes it seem doable and slowly it will all turn into familiar.

I’m so excited to share all of the new with all of you, and share in my journey of The Wholesome Buzz! Finding that happy, healthy balance is important, but it’s unattainable unless you keep it fun and interesting, and yes – new.

Stay tuned for all that is to come! In the meantime, I’d love to know – What is it that keeps you balanced?


2 thoughts on “Makin’ Moves

  1. I moved to a new town and area about two years ago. I found running was the best way to get to know my surrounding areas. I’d just start running down roads that I had no idea where they’d take me. Just remember how to get back the same way though. I did manage to add another 4 miles onto one run when I got lost..


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