Terrible At Schedules

I’m terrible at keeping schedules. I’m notorious for jumping from thing to thing. Yes, I always get what is necessary done (and on time when needed), but otherwise… terrible.

Since moving to the DC metro area, I haven’t been keeping myself on a schedule. To start with, that was OK – I kept telling myself I was allowed a little break from the crazy hectic work weeks I’d been slave to. I was in charge of unpacking and getting our apartment settled – my boyfriend was the one who got the new job and moved us down here, his long hours at the office started immediately, and I took on the house role. That’s fine with me, I love unpacking and putting on the personal touches around the apartment, making it our home versus a few rooms with boxes. But…. we moved down here at the end of June, and I still haven’t fallen into a schedule.

I jump around from thing to thing and tell myself that I will do this to spend my time, and I’ll start teaching myself that to amp up my work skills. Yet… I start and then get distracted. Some may call this ADD. I’m calling it fear and 100% calling myself out on it. I have a fear of committing to things (other than my relationship, apparently), I’m so afraid that I will put the effort into it and then fail, or put the effort in and find out it’s not as fantastic as, or I don’t have passion I expected. Basically, I’m coping out because I can’t foresee the future – to which I have to say well, duh Lindsay.

So, by calling myself out about it, I’m forcing myself to make a change. Get myself on a schedule, stop being so afraid. I tell myself “oh, I won’t be able to run this marathon, my back hurts” out of fear that yes, my previous injury may come back – but it may not. I tell myself “I won’t take the courses to get into coding, I’ll never be able to make a career out of it” – says who? I discovered I find coding/programming fascinating and while I only know the supreme basics, why can’t I learn more to see where it goes? If it doesn’t work out – what a great skill to add to my resume!

So, the moral of this blog post is to stop being afraid. Go out and do whatever you want (obviously with common sense, please!). Without the risk, you lose the reward of being truly happy.

I’ll send y’all off with a photo of the fantastic oysters I had last night at Hank’s Oyster Bar in Alexandria, VA – I went for a drink with a friend who was visiting from out of town, and we had a little pre-dinner snack with these bad boys. (I. Love. Oysters).


How do you push aside your fears?

What do you do to set yourself a schedule?

The Post-Run Munchies

Does anyone else get the munchies after a long run? Or when upping your weekly mileage? I don’t know about any of you, but since I officially started my marathon training and taking my runs seriously again, I have been munchie. 

I finished a cool 9 miles this morning – with rain scheduled for tomorrow morning and wanting to spend the weekend mornings relaxing with the BF, I got my butt out of bed this morning.


9 miles at an 8:17 pace, although I’m pretty sure that first mile pace is off. Way off, I’m definitely not that speedy (as much as I wish!). I never know whether to trust my phone GPS or not – the mission to find my Garmin watch charger has begun!

No matter what my morning pace, I came back home and had a solid breakfast of eggs, plantains, and berries – it’s really been my go-to this week. However – once breakfast was consumed… the munchies began! It was like opening the flood gates. Am I starving? No. Do I want a big meal? No. I just want to munch.

I can only eat so much fruit before I feel like I’m entering into a sugar coma, and yes I know vegetables, but let’s be honest they’re not the best to just sit and snack on (carrots, you’re too full of sugar!). Actually, I’m probably just too lazy right now to properly prep vegetables, shame on me. Sometimes you want a salty snack – but chips? No way. Nuts? Only in tiny moderation.

To be honest, I’ve gone to the popcorn dark side. To avoid unnecessary ingredients (cough, microwave popcorn, cough) I bought a bag of popcorn kernels. Adding in 1/4 c of coconut oil into a large pot, I turned it to medium-high heat with just 3 kernels in the pot and placed on the lid. Cue the oil splattering all over the lid. Cue me waiting and wondering if that oil splatter was a kernel popping. No, it wasn’t – trust me, you will know when the kernels pop. Wait for the 3 kernels to pop and then remove them from the pan. Add in 2/3 c of kernels, and move the pan off the heat for 30 seconds (I used my microwave timer because I’m the queen of getting distracted). Pop (no pun intended 🙂 that pot back on the burner, cover, and let the popping begin! I am easily amused, and watching the popcorn pop away was kind of fun (glass lid!). After about 2 minutes, the popping started to slow. When it slowed enough that the kernels wouldn’t pop out of the pan, I took off the lid – this way, your popcorn will stay crisp!

Basically, I made 2 gallon-sized Ziploc bags of popcorn, so I’m pretty satisfied with my munchie needs at the moment :). (Side note – melt some honey and butter together and pour over the popcorn, along with some salt. You can thank me later).

So, I basically just told all of you to go make some popcorn. Or to tell me what your favorite snack is. Ready. Set. Go!

Rice Bowls

Is there anything better than a bowl full of good food? No – and there’s something about mish mash bowls that just screams comfort! to me.

Last night the BF was working late, and I was sitting at home, feeling lazy (womp womp) and wondering what to eat for dinner. I had gone to the grocery store earlier in the day to pick up some dinner ingredients – but I didn’t want to make up the oven fried chicken (to be featured later this week!) just for myself. Enter: the rice bowl!

Brown rice in the cupboard? Check! Eggs and veggies in the fridge? Check! Not check? A bowl that would actually fit the food (womp womp womp). Apparently, we only have itty bitty sized bowls – to be honest, I was hungry and needed enough room for my veggie overhaul, so play along with me – pretend the plate pictured below is a bowl :).


Brown rice topped with a fried egg, sauteed zucchini and summer squash, edamame, tomato, and avocado – easy dinner, highly satisfying. I topped it off with some hot sauce for good measure. I must admit it really hit the spot. I woke up yesterday feeling terribly groggy and just BLEH, I have a feeling it had something to do with finally finishing our move this weekend – it took 3 weekends of moving ourselves around, and I am exhausted and never want to move again. That paired with heavy food + maybe a liiiiittle too much wine, my body wants some healthy foods!

However, this happened this weekend and I’m not sorry at all:


A little date night steak action 🙂

So, for the rest of the week, it’s time to UP the fruit & veggie intake and lower that vino intake (womp womp).

Tell me!

What’s your favorite bowl combo? 

Favorite date night meal?

Training Begins & Forgetfulness

First off, this is my first time posting from my phone – my forgetfulness got the best of me yesterday and I apparently forgot my laptop charger in Virginia :(. I don’t know how I managed to pack my computer but forget the cord – it was plugged in before I packed up! Womp Womp. 

I hopped on an Amtrak train yesterday and headed back to NYC for a couple of weeks. The BF and I half moved out of our apartment here, but had the place until the end of July – which was a HUGE help to not feel like we had to totally empty & clean & move everything at once. The BF will make his way up next weekend so we can empty out the place and head to Virginia for good. It still doesn’t seem real to me that I’m not going to be a New Yorker anymore! 

Despite the still ongoing craziness of moving – marathon training has begun!!! I’m running the NYC Marathon this fall (November 1st!) and I’m determined to train seriously. I was supposed to run the marathon last year, and admittedly took a lot of liberties with my training. That paired with an unfortunate bike accident (I was running in Central Park and a child tourist chose to ride his bike in the runners lane…and hit me full on from behind. Never saw him coming) put me on the injured list for last year. After the bike collision my back has still never been the same, but I’ve taken a lot of time to focus on strength and stretching to prepare for the race this year. So, a 16-week training plan commences. 

Yesterday I started off with a 5k run on the treadmill at an average 8:30 pace. Nice and easy to begin, but feeling solid. I’ve set Tuesday’s as my cross-training days, so I hit up a FlyWheel class (first time!). FlyWheel uses a TV where your effort is measured and ranked among the others in the class. It’s definitely a good idea to push others, and if you have a competitive mentality, it’s right up your alley. The nice part is that you don’t have to register your effort on the rankings if you don’t want to, so you don’t have to feel pressured to compete with all the crazy regulars. I signed up late and didn’t make it onto the boards this morning. But I could measure my power effort along with what was on the board to get an idea. Overall, it was a great spin workout, and I really feel like I got in a good sweat and a great effort.

Plus – FlyWheel offers free water! And free spin shoes for each class – they, like a lot of other spin boutique studios, require spin shoes for their bikes, but they don’t charge you for rentals if you don’t own. Bonus! The studio itself was pretty cramped, and probably could have used a bit of better air circulation, but I’ll definitely be back – it had a great energy! 

I’m doubling up today and heading to a yoga class this afternoon. I’m one of the least flexible people I know l, so I’m counting on yoga to help stretch me properly through all of this training! 

Tell Me! 

What are your training must-dos?

Are you training for anything right now? What?

Steak & Greens

A good steak is always welcome in my household. Growing up, we had steak at least once a week. I took a bit of a hiatus during and immediately after college – cooking steak for myself was low on the totem pole. Once I settled down into my ways in NYC steak started to make a comeback. Once the BF popped into my life, it’s become a staple (a boy’s gotta eat!).

One thing I’ve come to realize with steak (or red meat in general) is that no matter how delicious or well cooked it is, I feel weighed down by the end of the meal. Who wants to feel like that anytime other than after a Thanksgiving dinner? Not me. Enter in steak and greens.

It’s become a thing for me now, that anytime I cook steak of any sort, greens will play a large component of the meal – just the right balance! Last night’s dinner was a London broil (thank you to the grocery store sale!) over an arugula/romaine salad mix. If I do say so myself, it was spot on satisfying.


The BF is a bit picky in terms of all things vegetables, so I had to keep my tomatoes and cucumbers on the side and just pop them onto my plate. I don’t know about you guys, but salads with toppings are my jam. A just lettuce salad seems so lonely!

As the salad dressing, I whipped together a random vinaigrette from what I have on hand (we’re still in the ‘move-in’ stage, and don’t have too many staples as of yet). About 2 tbsp soy sauce, 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar, a squeeze of lemon juice, a dollop of Dijon mustard, a dash of maple syrup and some olive oil. Whisk away and then add in some red pepper flakes – the tangy-salty-sweet flavor really hit the spot for me!IMG_5110

The lovely steak – look at that hunk of meat! Seriously, this may have been one of the best deals I’ve gotten on a cut of mean before – over 2 lbs of not fatty London broil for 14$?! Yes, please!


I just marinated the steak in some soy sauce, salt, and pepper. Throw it on a grill pan for about 5 minutes per side, and voila! Let sit for another 10 minutes, slice against the grain and serve over top of your salad. Dinner is ready!

The perks of this meal are endless – it’s healthy but satisfying, for both myself as well as a 6’3″ man who loves his food. It’s easy – all coming together in 30 minutes or less. And the cleanup is relatively harmless, you may just need to soak the grill pan over night (even easier if you have an outdoor grill!)

I’m definitely keeping this one on the books for future weeknights. Win win win!

Tell me your favorite weeknight dinner! I’m on the hunt for variation 🙂

Makin’ Moves

New surroundings are a cause for new experiences – so here I am with a first blog post!

Having just moved from New York City to northern Virigina (literally just last week), everything seems new – new town, new apartment, new faces, new pace of life. In the midst of all this new, I find myself slightly freaking out (ok, maybe more than slightly). As exciting as new is, it’s also scary. What will I do here? Who will I hang out with? How many times am I going to get lost on a run?! (Thank goodness for Google Maps…).

With all of this… new, I’m trying to avoid the anxiety creeping up on me. How? Deep breaths – those aren’t new. Unpacking to make the new place cozy and welcoming – those photos on the wall? Familiar faces. Running, because while I may get a little lost, it’s still the one thing where you just do you – nothing to worry about on a run (other than this crazy humidity and the pool of sweat I create). Cookies. Cookies make everything better.

Moving day with the BF!
Moving day with the boy! That truck was not fun to pack.

With all of that, there’s balance. I can’t spend all of my time running, nor can I spend all of my time unpacking. I probably could spend all my time eating cookies, but that’s not such a good plan. The balance of all the new makes it seem doable and slowly it will all turn into familiar.

I’m so excited to share all of the new with all of you, and share in my journey of The Wholesome Buzz! Finding that happy, healthy balance is important, but it’s unattainable unless you keep it fun and interesting, and yes – new.

Stay tuned for all that is to come! In the meantime, I’d love to know – What is it that keeps you balanced?